JavaScript Widget

What is a Widget and how can I install it? Is it Free?

The easiest way to run a real-time validation on your form page is through our JavaScript Widget. It adds an element in your current form and validates emails on the spot.

To install the JS Widget, go to, click the button New Widget and follow the instructions. Please ensure you have your full domain on the Widget card.

You will be able to choose either the Free version or the Premium version. The difference is that the free version cannot be personalized as thoroughly; to know more about Premium, check out the next section, “JS Widget Premium.”

Why is my Widget not working?

It can happen for a few reasons. The most common cases are:

The widget code is not inserted inside the body tag. If you have the script in any other part of your HTML URL, it will not work.

The domain is inappropriately written on the Widget card. Please ensure it looks like in the GIF above.

Form page settings. In most cases when using a web builder, the form settings are set up to recognize text in the email field - and the Widget does not fire. By ensuring that the field settings are set to “email”, the Widget works.
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