Premium Widget

What is the Premium version of the JS Widget? How can I get it?

Earlier this year, we proudly launched our new feature called the “Premium Widget”. For only $4.99 per month, it allows you to check emails entered on your forms in real-time. Please note that the price of $4.99 is per widget, per month.

The integration process takes just a few seconds and requires no coding skills. With the new JavaScript Widget, you will be able to customize the icons, error/success messages, and colours to match the look and feel of your website and brand (see GIF below).

After installation, you will be able to track and monitor in real-time the quality of the leads captured. Try it out today!

Setting up the Premium Widget

Why should I pay for the Premium Widget?

The Premium Widget has been designed for clients who are willing to give their audience a better experience. By customising the buttons on the form, the response messages, and especially removing TheChecker brand icon, you can provide users a tailored experience when landing on the form page.

By going the extra mile and personalising it according to the identity of your brand, you ensure an excellent customer experience.
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