What do the results mean?

After the verification is completed, you will get a specific result for every email address. If you hover over them, a brief explanation will popup, explaining what each result mean.

But to clarify even further, here is a table of the different types of results and what they mean:

Results Table

This table summarised in a few words the main categories. But to know more, check out our other articles - What are "deliverable but risky" emails and What are "unknowns"?

What is a Spam Trap and what will it be classified as?

Spam Traps are a type of fraud management tool, used by major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and blacklist providers to identify spammers so that they can block emails from them.

A Spam Trap looks precisely like a real email address, but since it doesn't belong to a real person, it can't be used for any kind of communication. Sending emails to a Spam Trap is called "hitting a Spam Trap," and you can do this unknowingly and without actually doing something wrong.

The impact of hitting a Spam Trap can vary. It depends on variables like the type of trap you hit, how many times you hit it, and how the Spam Trap operator handles things at their end.

You can avoid all the trouble by using TheChecker, as we will mark any Spam Traps as undeliverable. This way, you avoid taking the risk of hitting one!
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