What are credits, and when do they expire?

We work with credits, and every time an email is validated, a credit is used up. The good news is, these credits never expire. So it is always worth checking out packages that have more credits than you need at the moment. Always plan ahead.

What plans do you offer?

Currently, we offer a Pay As You Go system. This means that you can purchase credit packs that can be used for any of our verification services, according to your needs.

We are currently evaluating the possibility of offering subscriptions as an option to give our users even more flexibility.

We also offer invoices (payment up to 15 days after the purchase date) for packages starting at 1MM credits. Please get in touch with us on chat or email (, and we can instruct you on how to proceed.

What can I do to avoid running out of credits?

Your best option currently is to set up the auto-recharge feature.

You will set up a balance limit and, every time your account balance falls below the set limit, we will automatically process a purchase of a particular pack also specified by you in your account.

You can set it up in your billing section, like this:

Setting up auto-recharge
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