About the API

How can I set up my API? Is it difficult to set up?

With our API, you can integrate email address verification into your own applications very easily.

Use the Single Verification API to verify emails in capture forms, or the Bulk Verification APIs (JSON and File) to verify email lists with the highest performance possible. Once you try it, you will see how seamlessly it fits into your workflow.

This means that you can enable automatic real-time validation in your back-end, without needing to access the website.

If you are looking to set it up, you can find the complete API documentation at https://app.thechecker.co/docs

If you still have any questions, please get in touch with us on chat or by email.

How do I choose between Bulk and Single API?

The use case for API varies from customer to customer. Most single API users collect a high amount of emails on a form page and need a robust solution with log details for all validations. Bulk users operate under different circumstances.

Please get in touch with us on online chat if you need help in making a choice.
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